Xtinct Magazine is a global collaboration of people dedicating their lives to saving the planet from extinction. The magazine’s foremost goal is to educate as many people as it can to prioritize their lives by taking action against the inevitable end of human life as we know it. Xtinct Magazine is written by leaders in conservation, climate change and environment.


Supporting saving the planet is without a doubt the next revolution and any and all businesses that showcase and drive this strategy will become industry leaders and revolutionaries. Xtinct Magazine is a world first initiative, connecting companies and innovation to create and showcase solutions to the globe’s most urgent natural needs. We bring you the truth about what’s REALLY happening to our planet and what exactly we are doing to fix it.

The future of endangered species and the future of humanity are intrinsically linked. The combined forces of poverty, population growth, climate change, and environmental destruction threaten both. We strive to preserve habitats of endangered species, protect the uniqueness of nature, and raise people’s awareness of considerate use of natural resources.