The Mankind Project

The last time the world came together was when Ian Player and Magqubu Ntombela started the Save the Rhino Project. A small group of people brought mankind together to solve the very real threat facing the Rhino. No matter their challenges and how long it took, the difference it made for natural conservation globally was seismic.

Since then, many people have taken up the baton and made a significant difference every day. That effort, however, is not enough; the size of the task far outweighs the insatiable growth of man. The only way out is for all mankind to wage a war of hope against the rising tide of this global emergency.

The 6th Extinction is upon mankind, which is why the same spirit it took to save the Rhino by a few people needs to be used to save the planet. The difference is that all mankind needs to find the well of hope deep inside and shout it out across the heavens. In the deep reserves of men and women lies the need to survive; the same part of us that gets us out of bed on a Monday morning, puts food on our children’s table, gets us out of trouble and the dark days we face during our lifetime.

In each of us lies that part that inspires others to carry on, pep talks people feeling low and motivates people we love to go that extra mile. Coming together to help save the planet is not external to us; our survival on the earth is an intrinsic part of who we are and the very reason we are alive.

Should any one of us be diagnosed with a terminal illness today, we would move heaven and earth to try and stay alive, and all our families and friends would do the same for us. In the centre of such a crisis lies that part of us with an innate ability to solve problems and survive the worst possible circumstances.

Our very existence is in danger of dying. Earth, despite what happens, will enjoy another sunrise, but will we? An extinction event has no favourites and spares no life; with this understanding, we must open the rivers of hope and inspire each other to make the difference we need to change the inevitable.

The Mankind Project should be a promise made to the planet by all of us; such a promise could sound like this:

The Planet Savers Promise

There is a deep humming of sadness rolling over the plains of life, a sadness so deep it threatens the very fabric of life in the next 50 years. The world as we know it will end. One million species of animals will go extinct, global warming will have reached disastrous proportions, and humanity will suffer more than ever before. We need people filled with HOPE and INSPIRATION to help.

I choose, therefore, as a member of the human race to make a promise to Mother Earth.

The Planet Savers Promise:

  1. With each remaining day, I will consider my footprint on the earth and try to minimise it more every day.
  2. I will take time to remind myself what this world would be without wild animals and bees.
  3. I will choose products that are gentler for the environment.
  4. I will teach my children the importance of conservation.
  5. I will not litter.
  6. I will surround myself with like-minded planet-saving people.
  7. I will stand up against those that harm the environment.
  8. I will support a wildlife or conservation charity that can help me make a difference.
  9. I will spend time in nature as often as possible.
  10. I will uplift my community as much as possible.

Should you wish to make this promise to our planet, join our Planet Promise Movement and sign up for R50.00 to become an ambassador for us. All proceeds will go to our partners to help make the difference we need to.